Louisiana Air Quality

The map below depicts air quality across Louisiana. It represents a measure of airborne particulate matter (PM). Particulate matter describes solid particles suspended in air including dust, smoke, and other organic and inorganic particles. PurpleAir sensors use laser particle counters to count the number of particles by particle sizes 0.3, 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5, and 10 μm, and uses the count data to calculate mass concentrations of PM1.0, PM2.5, and PM10. This map does not include Ozone which is also dangerous in high quantities. Use your mouse wheel or the "+/-" icons to zoom in or out. Click on a station below to see detailed information/data.

Map and Data Courtesy of PurpleAir.com

Air Quality Index


Tue, Apr. 07, 2020 - 02:58 am
51-100: Air quality is acceptable; however, for some pollutants there may be a moderate health concern for a very small number of people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution.
Running Averages of Channel A and B

26 µg/m³

24 µg/m³

25 µg/m³

25 µg/m³

21 µg/m³

19 µg/m³

15 µg/m³

Real-Time Short Term 30 Minutes 1 Hour 6 Hours 24 Hours One Week
Short-term PM 2.5 is LOW at 24 µg/m³ - No unusual sources of pollution present at this time.