Downsville, Louisiana Tornado

What is turning into a relentless spring, another round of damaging weather blasted through north Louisiana this morning.  The culprit was a long-lived thunderstorm that originated over north-central Texas in Van Zandt county.  The storm moved almost due east across northeast Texas spawning a long-tracked F2 (113-157 mph) tornado.  According to the National Weather Service, the storm began near Mineola in Wood county and moved over Upshire county to near the Lake of the Pines.  This tornado stayed on the ground continuously for 46 miles and had a damage path of 1/8 mile during its 1.5 hour journey.  Five minor injuries were reported with this storm.

Severe weather continued with the complex during the midnight hours with the storm's trek eastward.  Severe thunderstorm warnings were issued during the pre-dawn hours for Lincoln and Union parishes.  The storm once again intensified producing an F1 (73-112 mph) tornado.  This tornado stayed on the ground for five miles and had a damage path 100 yards wide.  No injuries were reported with this tornado.  Damage was limited to roofs and trees.

This severe storm continued across northern Ouachita parish dropping hail up to baseball sized over the Town and Country subdivision.  Flooding rains over three inches also accompanied this system.  Rotation continued to be indicated with this storm as it crossed the Mississippi River late Wednesday morning.  No other confirmed tornadoes have been reported; however, wind damage was reported near Rayville in Richland parish.

A local storm assessment team will be investigating the Union parish tornado this afternoon.  Damage photos will be posted to this site later tonight.....

The radar images below depict the storm as it moved over extreme southern Union Parish.  Notice the circulation pattern inside the white circle with the radial velocity image on the left.  The image on the right is the composite radar image.  Two mesocyclones were indicated by Shreveport's Doppler radar.

Note the tree in the foreground has fallen to the west whereas the tree in the background left has fallen to the east.